About Us

During the automotive dark ages of the 1970’s, amid the oil embargos, gas shortages, relatively high mileage low performance cars, a small group of Rhode Island classic Mustang enthusiasts began gathering on Sunday afternoons at Goddard Park in Warwick, RI. They longed for the return of performance Mustangs of the 60’s. That seemed unlikely, so they started to preserve what they had, and enlisted others to so as well.

In 1978, the Mustang Car Club of New England (MCCNE) was formed. The mission of the club is to preserve and maintain a living history of the legendary Ford Mustang. The club’s motto is “Preservation of the Breed”.

Until the mid-1980s MCCNE was the only Pure Mustang club in New England. Membership quickly outgrew it’s Rhode Island boundaries to include all six New England states, New York, and beyond. In 1991, MCCNE became a chartered Regional club of Mustang Club of America. Membership continues to grow. And yes, now, out-growing the borders of New England, and the borders of the United States!

The club has been and is administered by experienced, knowledgeable Mustang enthusiasts for almost 30 years, dedicated to FUN. Generally, MCCNE holds five shows throughout the New England region during each season from June-October to allow members to show off their pride and joy to others and to get to meet other Mustang enthusiasts and have a good time.

These shows are based on a set of club rules. Mustangs and other Ford Powered cars in the show are voted on by participants and spectators. The top three in each classification, based on popular vote, are awarded trophies, as well as Best of Show awards that do not qualify in individual classifications after winning Best of Show.

It all boils down to a day of fun in the sun (rain dates are also scheduled) for all ages

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